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Hello,my nameś Vanessa Hudgens.

My best friend is Ashley Tisdale.

He´r hair color is blond.

My hair color is dark blue.

My boyfriend is Zac Efron.

I act in High school musical.

I was Gabriella Montez.

My boyfriend in the film was Troy(Zac Efron).

I´m singer and acter.

One of my songs i say ok.

Three of my songs in high school musical was Start of something new,you are the music in me,can I have this dance?.

This is me:


Hi,my name´s Ashley Tisdale.

My best friend is Vanessa Hudgens.

I act in High school musical too.

I was Sharpay Evans.

In the film I hate Gabriella(Vanessa Hudgens).

My brother in the film was Ryan Evans (Lucas Crabeel).

One of my songs is not like that.

I´m singer and acter.

Three of my songs in the film was ´Bop the top,Fabulous and i want it all.

This is me:http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z152/jimmy123j/Ashley%20Tisdale/AshleyTisdale4.jpg


Hello,I´m Zac Efron.

I act at High school musical.

I was Troy Bolton.

My best friend was Chad Denfort.

I was basketball player.

Number on my dress was four-teen.

I´m acter.

Three of my songs in the film was together,bet on it,scream.

Ths is me:



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